IG Inspiration: Flirty Florals

  It’s a simple equation: Springtime + Florals = Perfection. While, naturally, we love florals year round – we cannot help but fall head over heels for them in the springtime! Yesterday, the ladies of #coasttocoastchallenge showed us exactly how we ought to be wearing florals this spring! And we must say, we were inspired … Continue reading


Challenge: Flirty Florals

When we think of spring, we cannot help but think of florals! The fresh blooms, the wonderful colors, and the cheekiness they add to life! From nature to the runways, we’ve have been inspired to bring florals into our wardrobe! But not just dainty florals like our grandmother’s used to wear – we’re giving florals … Continue reading


IG Inspiration: Roomy Silhouettes

The warm days are finally here! We’ve bid farewell to the winter weather and mid 60s and are starting to experience the coastal’s warm weather. Say hello to the 80s! With that said, we’re giving our sassy skinny jeans a rest and pulling out the roomy silhouettes! Not only are roomy silhouettes fitting for the … Continue reading


Style Guide: 13 Looks to Inspire your Spring Wardrobe

We don’t know about you, but the weather on the coasts is officially getting warmer! We’ve bid farewell to the cool temps of winter and are breaking into the high 8Os! With that said, we are putting away the jackets and nylons and pulling out everything that screams flirty, cheeky, and spring! Between our afternoon … Continue reading


Challenge: Roomy Silhouettes

Wherever we look, we are seeing roomy silhouettes! From classy wide leg pants to cheeky culottes and everything in between! The trend is taking spring by storm, and we are more than okay with it! In fact, the trend has become one of our favorites to crush on. Not only is it a comfortable trend … Continue reading


Fashion For A Cause: Warby Parker

We live in a society where it is easy to see the world through whatever lens we have on and to forget about what lies outside of American soil.  It’s easy to be come accustomed to our “basics” and forget that to the rest of the world it’s a luxury. However, if we venture out … Continue reading


Sweet Monday

Happy Monday, darlings! Ah! It’s finally Primavera, which means all things are new. The air is fresh (and for some of you, still a tad chilly), and the flowers are beginning to bloom. This week, we hope you view life in the same way. While you might be going about your weekly routine,  realize it is … Continue reading


IG Inspiration: Racey Lacey

  We’ve always had a deep love affair for lace, there is no question about it. But after yesterday, we were inspired beyond words can say at how to wear lace and not just be ultra girly, but have a little edge! Ready for a peek at the inspiration we found floating on the #CoastToCoastChallenge … Continue reading


It’s Life Baby Girl: Date Me Baby Date Me

We’ve all been there. The excuses, the far-fetched justifications, the generously filled-in stories to account for the insufficiencies of someone who has us “twitter-pated” (think Bambi). Maybe he is habitually late – so we tell people he is “easy going.” Maybe he is not so reliable and so we refer to him as a “free … Continue reading


HBD Lindsey Eryn!

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.  Today! Today! While we believe that every day should be celebrated and cherished, today is extra special because we celebrate the birth date of Coast to Coast Central’s co-founder Lindsey Eryn Clark!  She’s a dreamer, a fighter, and one passionate lady. If you … Continue reading


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